Chinese Ngohiong, you're simply the best♥

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Whenever I'm in Cebu City, especially when I'm just a few blocks away from University of San Carlos-Main Campus, I always make sure that I get to eat the ever - famous Chinese Ngohiong Restaurant. For others who haven't tasted or even seen a Ngohiong, it is somewhat similar to a Lumpia Shanghai.  The stuffing are mostly meatless. An ensemble of ubod (pith of a coconut), Singkamas, Garlic, Onions, and other secret spices. It is also dipped into a special kind of batter to provide a crispy texture. 

The Famous Chinese Ngohiong Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

A typical Ngohiong Meal (photo courtesy of

A piece of Ngohiong is very affordable. It costs around Php 7 each. Usually, a Ngohiong is paired with Puso, hanging rice. To enjoy this so-called Cebu specialty, I suggest to dip it into its special sauce; a sweet sauce with an extra spicy flavor that really complements the taste of the Ngohiong. To top off the meal, drink an ice-cold Lift and say, " God, thank you for this awesome food"

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