Saging Sinugba

10:55 PM

We Filipinos love to have afternoon breaks. These breaks are not complete if not accompanied with certain Filipino favorites. One of which is the simple but delicious Saging Sinugba. In my opinion, this snack is a staple food for the Cebuanos. 

Saging Sinugba

If a Saging Sinugba is not available in your neighborhood, (btw this yummy snack can be bought at any Julie's Restaurant) but making one is as easy as making a Facebook account.

You will need:

Banana (be sure it's Saba)
Barbecue sticks (skewer)
Butter / Margarine
White sugar

- First, peel off the banana skin then securely skewer them.
- On the other hand, be sure that the charcoal is ready for grilling.
- Carefully place the Bananas on the grill.  Be sure not to overcrowd the Bananas.
- Turn the Bananas from time to time to avoid charring it completely.
- After grilling, apply a generous amount of butter to the bananas then sprinkle some white sugar on it to taste.

Voila! your Saging Sinugba is good to go. Enjoy!

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