BEWARE: a hidden beach with a hidden attitude

10:59 AM

Imagine you're by the beach, relaxing on a powdery white sand, listening to the soothing sound of the waves, feeling the warm sun on your cheek, & you're holding your favorite beer. Just how perfect can it get! 

But what if a few greedy beings will break the tranquility just for a couple of bills? Are you willing to risk? I'd say a hard NO. 

A few days ago, we went to Hidden Beach at Aloguinsan, Cebu. We've heard several comments about this place. Mostly ranging from a not-so-happy comment to a satisfied one. Nevertheless, we went there.

We brought our own food for grilling. Arrived at the place early in the afternoon. Upon arrival, we informed them that we are staying overnight and we have our own tents. They asked us to pay an entrance fee (Php 20.00 / head) and another overnight fee of Php 100.00 for each tent. It was perfectly fine.

We were alone at the beach, except for three Spanish fellas. By late afternoon, We already had a few drinks. We noticed that the three tourists started to pack their things and left. Before they ascended the stairs, we asked, "why are you leaving?" They responded, "We've been here, stayed overnight but not anymore". Those words linger on me like a cryptic symbol that awaits Robert Langdon's knowledge. "Oh well", I replied and shrugged everything off. 

Night came and everyone was in a party atmosphere. We already consumed a considerable amount of alcohol, but not yet drunk. We had great music and everyone was really having a good time. In the dark, someone is descending from the stairs. It was the caretaker. He then approached us like a tiger lurking on a deer. He asked for another Php 100.00 each tent since we were staying for the night. His words came as a complete shock! We questioned him and informed him that we already paid the amount before we entered. He argued and said that it was only for a day stay. We had a debate. We insisted and talked to another caretaker. We got the same order. It was ridiculous! We told them that we are paying it tomorrow (hoping that we can sort things out with the absence of alcohol).

We woke up 6am had our breakfast and started packing. We approached the caretakers and talked about the overnight fees. They really insisted that it's Php 200 per tent. To stop the heating argument, we paid the remaining Php 200 and left.

It's not about the money, but it's the honesty that I'm concerned about. Who wants to stay in a place full of dishonest opportunists? I then remembered the words of the Spanish tourists. And I realized why they would prefer to go home than stay for the night. 

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After a week, a friend of mine also went there and suffered the same fate. They were charged Php 300.00 each tent. At least for us, we only paid Php 200.00 per tent.

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