Tips and tricks for a smooth Jeep / Jeepney /PUJ ride in Cebu

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You plan on exploring Cebu the cheapest way? Well, you better be ready with your durable pair of footwear and some change.

The most common public transport in Cebu is Public UtilityJeepney. This mode of transport is fairly available 24/7. These jeepneys are assigned to a travel route. See here

If it's your first time to ride a jeepney, you'll need to remember a thing or two.

1.) Prepare coins for the fare - The minimum fare is Php 7.00* (first 4 kilometres) The farther your destination is, the higher the fare. 

2.) Though it's illegal, most Jeeps hire a "konduktor" - They can be seen near the exit/entrance of the jeep. They serve as the fare collector and barker. They are like ticket inspectors but not really. But if a jeepney doesn't have one, give your fare to the driver.

3.) Pass your fare to your seatmate and say, "Palihug kog pasa sa plete"  - This phrase is translated as, "Please pass my fare". This is usually followed up by "salamat" (Thanks).

4.) If paying with bills / notes, remember to say the place where you boarded the jeepney and your destination - In this way, konduktors or jeepney drivers can determine the fare you'll need to pay.

5.) Upon reaching your destination, say "lugar lang" - This means that you want the driver to pull over to the side of the road because you've reached your destination. Just be sure the jeepney driver or the konduktor will hear you. 

So now you're ready to take on your Cebu adventure. Enjoy!

*price as of July 2015

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