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Hey there, traveler! If you want to see Cebu from a new perspective then you've come to the right page! Experience the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

1.) Eat at a "pungko-pungko" spot - this infamous hole-in-the-wall dining experience is a must do in your Cebu trip. But, I must say that this is not for the picky eater. You won't be eating with silverware but only with plastic gloves. You won't have a well-trained waitperson but a funny little cashier/server/vendor/entertainer. And lastly, you won't be eating restaurant-quality food but tasty fried dishes. And yes, I'm talking about fried pork intestines, fried pig brain, fried pork fat, fried sausages, fried pork tongue, Fried pig tripe, fried spring rolls (but not the fancy stuff), and everything that can be fried. It may sound fatty but it's a sure hit for the Cebuano palate. And believe me,  this sinful delight wouldn't even cause you a fortune! 

Popular "pungko-pungko" places:

2.) People-watch at Cebu IT Park - This is really a great time-killer and you'll get to observe the hardworking professionals of Cebu's BPO industry. I recommend you find a spot along i2 - i3 building. This is a great spot since this is near the big BPOs. Best time to go is at night. And if you get bored of people-watching then you can just dine at any resto in the area.

3.) Ride a 03B jeepney - You may be puzzled why I specifically mentioned the 03B route. This is because this route would pass both uptown and downtown Cebu. You'll get to pass by several universities, old and new establishments, glorious churches, and the like. All this for minimum fare of Php 7*. I suggest you ride the 03B jeep in front of Mabolo Church then after going through their route the jeep will pass by the church again.

4.) Visit Cebu Museums - There are a lot of museums around the city. From Museo Sugbo to Casa Gorordo to Cathedral Museum of Cebu, these sites boast the city's rich heritage. 

5.) Run a few laps at Abellana Cebu City Sports Center - Need to shed some pounds? Well, you gotta visit here and work those easy-going muscles. This is where most Cebuanos spend their afternoon/early morning jog. Aside from the oval track, there are also other amenities like gym, lap pool, volleyball court, etc.

6.) Eat Lechon - Need I say more? One does not simply skip this sumptuous Cebu offering. 

Popular Lechon spots:

CNT Lechon
Rico's Lechon
Cebu's Original Lechon Belly

7.) Enjoy Cebu's streetfood - We've got barbecue spots almost everywhere! Plus several food carts that offer good ol' fried goodness.

8.) Try a Tuslob - buwa meal - This originally came from Pasil, Cebu. People here are the grandmaster chefs of this treat. Recently, Azul commercialised this making it more available to the public. What's remarkable about this meal is you get to cook it on your own. So if Yakiniku is for Japanese, Samgyeopsal is for Korean then Tuslo-buwa is definitely for the Cebuanos. This tabletop treat is best served while it's hot. 

Popular Tuslo-buwa spots:

Tuslob Buwa Republik

9.) Gobble a few Siomai from Tisa - This piece of heaven is a popular Dimsum treat. But since Cebuanos are very creative, we've decided to create our own version. Luckily, this famous Siomai / Shao mai sa Tisa can be availed almost anywhere! Just look for a banner that says, "Siomai sa Tisa available here".

10.) Swim, swim and swim - Whether it's from the lush Mactan resorts or from the backpackers inn in Moalboal, this is a must thing to do when you're on this beautiful island.

And yes, those are some things that you can try while you're in Cebu. A little bit of new experience won't hurt ay?

Things to do in Cebu

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