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Of all the places in Mindanao, Davao has always been on top of my list. Due to some circumstances, Davao remained a dream. But thanks to AirAsia for cancelling their Cebu - Cagayan route, we ended up in this charming place. Yay! 

Where to stay in Davao

We did not stay in a hotel, nor in a pension house. We stayed in an apartment at Camella Northpoint in Buhangin which is close to Abreeza Mall. 

There are a lot of hotels, inns, and pension houses in Davao. I highly recommend staying in an area where public transport is easy to find (e.g. JP Laurel Ave.)

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Where to eat in Davao

Aside from the famous Durian and Mangosteen, there are a lot of food choices that you should try. 

We had the famous Glamour Crab Buffet. Yes, you read it right! Mouthwatering crabs for under Php 500. Also, please try Pastil BBQ sa Ponce. This is Davao's take on a Pinoy favourite.

What to do in Davao

Tour! Yes, you need to explore the place. Davao is the largest city (by land area) in the world! It is approximately 7-8 times bigger than Cebu! Now, imagine the possibilities. 

Due to time constraints, we have only visited a few attractions. That means that I have reasons to be back! 

List of places that you may visit.

Philippine Eagle Center

Located in Malagos, Davao City. The eagle centre primarily operates for the preservation of eagles. The centre does not only showcase eagles; they also have other animals and birds. But the presence of the magnificent Philippine eagle is enough for you to include this in your list.

Davao Itinerary

Malagos Garden

This place is like a mountain resort/ adventure place with accommodation. They offer extensive recreational activities. Great place to visit for only Php 200 on weekdays and Php 500 on weekends. Open everyday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Eden Nature Park

All the rides, view, landscape are all worth it. Pay a visit if you want to commune with nature. We literally spend 3/4 of our day here. Highly recommended!

Davao Itinerary

Davao Itinerary

Crocodile Park

This place is heaven for crocodiles. They preserve and protect our local crocs. The facility also holds other reptiles and mammals. Admission fee is Php 150 for adults.

Monfort Bat Cave

A must visit place! Literally took my breath away. It's a cave full of fruit bats. It's so interesting to see all bats hanging. This is located in the beautiful Samal Island

Davao Itinerary

Davao Itinerary

Island Garden of Samal 

The go-to beach for most people in Davao. The island offers a variety. From bat caves, waterfalls, cliff resorts to the pristine white beach, everything is here. Furthermore, it's accessibility from the Davao Integrated Port makes it more alluring. Barge fare is only Php 10. I highly recommend visiting Maxima resort for awesome slides and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

Davao Itinerary

Durian DavaoDavao Itinerary

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