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Biliran - one of Philippines' smallest provinces in terms of area. Known for its rich waters and majestic mountains. This underrated province has so much to offer. You just need to be assertive enough to explore it.

For our 2015 year-end travel, we have decided to explore this laid-back island paradise. 

Reaching the island is easy. You can access it via Cebu or Leyte. Since we are from Cebu, we bought our tickets from Roble Shipping Lines plying Cebu - Naval route. They have several travel accommodations. From The breezy economy to the exclusive cabins. 

We departed from Cebu around 8:30 pm and reached Naval around 8am. Sadly, we had to wait for another two hours before disembarking since the tide was low and the boat cannot go near the port.

Finally, we reached Biliran island at 10am!


We then looked for a boat that will take us to Maripipi - Sambawan. Unfortunately, boats going to Maripipi do not operate on a Sunday. So we have to do the more expensive route which is via Kawayan.

Before going to Kawayan, we bought supplies from a nearby grocery store in Naval -  Charlie's

We then rode a PUJ / Multicab that took us to Kawayan Port. It was an hour drive from Naval. We paid Php 30 each.

Since we took the Kawayan route, we had to haggle with the boat operators for a roundtrip boat transfer. This is a direct transport from Kawayan to Sambawan. Normally, they would offer Php3,000 to Php 3,500. In our case, we got a lower price of Php2,800 since it was off-season and we were the only passengers amidst the rowdy crowd of boatsman.

The boat ride was roughly an hour. It was calm and fast. 

We reached Sambawan Island around 3pm. We were greeted by the caretakers' warmth. We paid Php 100 each for the entrance fee. They have few cottages available for day use Also, they have fan rooms for overnight use that can accommodate up to 10 people! 

Cottage: Php 500
Room: Php 2,500

But for budget travellers, you can pitch your own tent for only Php 100 per tent.

The island is fairly small and interesting. You'll see the whole island when you climb up the hill and get that famous shot that you always see on the internet. Aside from the clear waters and ravishing sunset/sunrise, you can also experience the flourishing life below the surface. Sambawan is a great spot for snorkeling and diving.

The island doesn't have tap water. Seawater is used in the restrooms. They have a small canteen that sells and cooks canned goods and other instant meals. But it's advisable to bring your own food and drinks. And for the alcohol lovers, the canteen doesn't sell vodka nor beer.

Sambawan Island Biliran

Sambawan Island Biliran

Mainland Biliran

We left Sambawan at 12:30 pm and reached Kawayan at 2pm. 

As expected, we were flocked by the habal - habal drivers (motorcycle drivers). Each saying that they can take us to Naval for Php 150 per motorcycle. But we are not yet heading to Naval. We want to explore the whole island the next day. And, we needed a place for the night.

We found Estreller's Sunset View resort. Dubbed as one of the cosiest places in the island. It has a spring pool and a great sunset view. Eventually, we spent the night in this place.

Before we hit the sack, we contacted a multicab driver that will tour us the next day. We called different drivers, but the price was just too high. Luckily, we found the best driver! 

The driver agreed to a 12-hour tour for only Php 3,000 (includes gas). 

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Day Tour (6am - 6pm)

Masagongsong Cold Spring Swimming Pool

A public outdoor pool located in Brgy Masagongsong, Kawayan. This is just a few meters away from Estreller's Sunset View Resort. Entrance fee: Php 10

Masagongsong Cold Spring

Agta Beach Scuba Resort

Probably the most popular resort in Biliran. This is a haven for scuba divers and the like.

Paradizu Bayview Resort

This is just a few kilometres away from Agta Beach Scuba Resort. This resort is situated on a cliff. The best place to view the sweeping bay.

Almeria Catholic Church

A beautiful church in the heart of Almeria Town.

Beautiful Church in Almeria, Biliran

Iyusan Rice Terraces

This majestic manmade agricultural landform is no longer exclusive to Banaue. Yes, Biliran has a lot of rice terraces.


Recoletos Falls

A 30-45 minute heart pounding and nerve-wracking trek is needed before you'll see the falls. Be extra careful because the pathway is right beside a cliff. The pathway tends to be slippery when it's' pouring.

Recoletos Falls

Ulan-Ulan Falls

The same pathway with Recoletos. Again, be extra cautious when trekking.

Ulan Ulan Falls

Biliran Bridge

This connects Biliran to the rest of Leyte.

Biliran Bridge that connects the island to the rest of Leyte

Nasunugan Watch Tower / Nasunugan Ruins

Ruins of a Spanish era structure made of coral stone blocks. This watchtower used to be a sanctuary for the religious. This was burned down by the Moros

Kasabangan Falls

This waterfall is located not far from the national highway. There is a foot bridge that will take you to the falls. Unfortunately, the foot bridge is in a bad state. Kasabangan falls is frequently visited by the locals. They've managed to create a few bleachers near the area. Entrance fee is Php 10 adults / Php 5 for children.

Kasabangan Falls

Casiawan Falls

A privately-owned falls. Entrance fee: Php 30

Tomalistis Falls

This is near the beach. Dubbed as the sweetest water in Biliran.

Mainit Hot Spring

There is great potential in this area. This needs to be rehabilitated by the LGU. Hot spring is located is right beside the national highway. 

Mainit hotspring biliran

Tinago Falls

One of Biliran's best falls. This is the most known falls in Biliran.

Tinago Falls

Naval Spring Resort

Another spring pool resort. By far the best, amongst all spring pools we've visited.

Multicab Driver Contact number: 0916 446 4748

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Biliran Island from Kent Lim on Vimeo.

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