Exploring Isla del Fuego - Siquijor Adventure

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Siquijor - alternatively known as Isla del Fuego.

People often label Siquijor as peculiar. The island is quite known for being mystique and magical. These descriptions make the island more alluring to visit.

Siquijor is located in Central Visayas. Its capital is also known as Siquijor

How to Get There

Getting there is easy. Read: How To Get To Siquijor


The area for most accommodation would be San Juan, Siquijor. This is where most backpackers look for affordable hostels.

We had a cheap yet comfortable stay at Casa Miranda Guesthouse. The place is strategically located along the roadside of San Juan. They don't have fancy rooms. They only have fan rooms which cost around Php 300 - 500 per night. This is quite a steal considering that it's a beachfront property. You'll get to enjoy the sunset whilst relaxing on a hammock, holding your favorite beer, and converse with people from different countries. Yes, most foreign backpackers prefer to stay in this underrated place. 

Also, Casa Miranda is always happy to serve their guests with food and drinks. You can have a 50 - peso meal consisting of stir-fried rice, sunny side up, and your choice of meat.

There are other inexpensive inns within the area - Lorna's End of the World, JJ Backpackers, Charisma Beach Resort to name a few.

For more discounted Siquijor Island accommodations, please see this link

Things to Do


Anyone can explore Siquijor's hidden gems in a day. There are a number of ways on how to tour around the island. 

If you are into driving then below are some options.

Motorcycle / scooter - Php 350 per day
Bicycle - Php 250 per day

If you want to just sit, enjoy the scenery, and let the driver do its thing, you can avail of the options below.

Tricycle with driver - Php 1,000 
Multicab / Easy Ride with driver - Php 1,600
Motorcycle with driver (Habal - Habal) - price differs. You need to have strong haggling skills.

Since I have been to Siquijor twice, we have toured the island via scooter rental and a chartered Multicab ride.

Capilay Spring Park
Often referred as the oasis in the middle of a bustling town. This is popular among the locals. Take a dip in their refreshing spring pool and swim amongst the fishes.

Old Enchanted Balete Tree
A must visit place. This century - old tree holds hair- raising stories which contribute to the eerie feeling of the whole place. Also, get your toes ready for some nibbling action with their man - made fish spa.

Balete Tree Siquijor

Our Lady of Divine Providence Church
The main highlight of this stop is the statue of Sta. Rita or the infamous 'Black Mary'. Legend says that Sta. Rita is a 'nightwalker' 

Black Mary, Sta Rita

St Isidore de Labrador Church
This church has unique wood flooring. You'll feel like you're being transported to the past with every step on its historical floor. 

Lazi, Church, Siquijor, Architecture

Lazi Convent
This old structure looks stunning but needs restoration. Located just across St Isidore de Labrador Church.

Convent, Siquijor, witch

Cambugahay Falls
After descending for several steps, Cambuhagay Falls will greet you with its blue water and green scenery. A rope swing is also available for adventure junkies.

Cambugahay, Cambuhagay, Falls, Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach Resort
Great beach with a breathtaking cliff dive spot. They also have a restaurant which is a bit pricey. 

There are still other places in Siquijor that are worth a visit. Spend at least a week to experience its culture, talk to locals, and act like one.

Selecta, Magnolia, Magnum, Cornetto

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