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This island has always been special to me. My father grew up in this beautiful place. My last visit here was like 20 years ago! So I felt the need to revisit and re-explore the island.

Camiguin is the second smallest province in the country next to Batanes. Which makes it more fascinating because this small paradise can be toured in a day! 

We stayed in Camiguin for 2 nights. We touched down to Camiguin around 7 am on Saturday and left the place early Monday. It was short but sweet. 


We stayed at Pabua's cottages located in Yumbing. We paid Php 800/room/night. The room was clean and comfortable. We had two big beds, a flat-screen cable tv, and own toilet and bath with overflowing spring water. 
Yumbing is dubbed as the heart of tourism in Camiguin. This is the go-to-place for tourists because this is where you can find fancy to budget accommodations. Also, the port for the white island is just a few steps away.

Pabua's Cottage
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Touring the island is as easy as making coffee. There are literally heaps of Multicab Passenger type vans that you can rent for Php 1,500 - 1,900 for a day's tour. This rate already includes a dedicated driver, petrol, and port/airport transfers.

Tongatoc Cove

The best place to take a selfie. Spend some time and inhale nature. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the cove for free.

Walkway to Old Volcano

This 7-8 km station of the cross is not just perfect for the holy week, but it's really good for those who love to trek. 14 life-size stations are built along the pathway of Mt. Vulcan. Entrance fee is Php 5

Soda Water Spring Pool

Take a refreshing dip in this unique swimming pool. The water tastes like Soda without the sweeteners. The water is flowing.  Thus, it's clean - no need for chlorine.

Old Catarman (Gui-ob) Church Ruins in Bonbon

This historical church got destroyed due to the volcanic eruption that happened several years ago wherein Catarman was badly hit.

Sunken Cemetery

This is the most famous landmark of Camiguin. This should be on your list. When Mt Vulcan erupted, this cemetery submerged together with some parts of Catarman.

Tuasan Falls

This is one of the 2 popular waterfalls in the island. This place is really accessible. Take a plunge into the cold water and watch the magnificent falls.

Ardent Hot Spring

This place is quite "touristy". Thus, we came here in the afternoon. The spring is warm and relaxing. The aura of the whole area is calm and laid-back. Entrance fee: Php 30

Sto Niño Cold Spring

We came here around lunch time. The scorching heat of the sun didn't stop us from jumping into the spring's cold water. They offer cottages at reasonable prices.

White Island Camiguin

The best place to watch the sunset!! Plus a panoramic view of the island of Camiguin, this sandbar has more to offer. You should really visit this place.

Mantigue Island Nature Park

This is a really good place in Camiguin. Unlike White Island, this island has more shade and has better food choices. Enjoy snorkelling in their reef sanctuary and see the diverse marine life.


Never ever miss their best crispy dried squid! A flock of vendors will storm you when you reach your hotel, etc. 

Another proud Camuigin delicacy is the famous Vjandep's Pastel. A pastel is simply a light bun with a special filling like sweet custard or yam. Vjandep originated from Camiguin but has started branching out to Cagayan

The tourism of Camiguin is thriving. They have a lot to offer. With the right support from the local government, this island will undoubtedly be part of the top destinations in the world.

Camiguin 2016 from Kent Lim on Vimeo.

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