Opon's Favorite: Lumpia ni Senyang

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"You are not a true Oponganon if you have not heard of this place", says Juliet, a SACS alumna.

Well, she's got a point! Lumpia ni Senyang has been in the business for several years. 

From selling at the gate, Nang Senyang was able to open a place right outside St Alphonsus Catholic School - Lapu Lapu.

Opon's Favorite Lumpia ni Senyang

What makes Lumpia ni Senyang so special?

As someone who just tasted the specialty recently, I'd say that the taste of the lumpia is nothing special. Taste like typical vegetable lumpia. But, the sauce is superb! One can't simply skip the drinks if you're dining at Lumpia ni Senyang. The spicy sauce is hot as seven hells combined! God, it'll burn your lips! And this what makes Lumpia ni Senyang stand out from the competitors. The lumpia goes really well with the spicy red sauce and spicy vinegar.

But for people like Juliet who grew to love Nang Senyang's Lumpia, they'd say that it's the nostalgic effect every bite provides. They often see their former classmates, batchmates, faculty, etc dining in this well loved place.The place rekindles happy thoughts of their early years in Lapu Lapu.

Opon's Favorite Lumpia ni Senyang


Chill! It's not a fancy restaurant. 
  • Lumpia: Php 15
  • Cold Buko Juice: Php 10
  • Hanging Rice: Php 10
Lumpia Togue Opon's Favorite Lumpia ni Senyang

Where is this located?

Address: R De La Serna St, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Right beside St Alphonsus Catholic School - Lapu Lapu.
Open from Monday - Saturday
8 AM - 7 PM

Make sure to visit this place when you're in Cebu. This is just a taxi-ride away from the beautiful resorts in Mactan.

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