Backpacking the Panay Island: The Best of Iloilo City

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You're now reading the second installment of our Backpacking the Panay Island: 3 - part series. If you haven't read the first part yet, see this: Quick Tour in Guimaras

Iloilo City

Iloilo is a highly urbanized area. This city serves as a transportation hub for tourists and locals alike. The city offers a lot of variety; from restaurants, shopping districts, to nightlife. We can also see Spanish - colonial churches, old buildings, and ancestral houses.

What to do in Iloilo City
  • Visit their heritage sites
    • Walk around Iloilo City proper to find old buildings. You can see the sites around Calle Real, Plaza Libertad, Jaro, and Molo.
    • Some of the must - visit sites are as follows:
      • Jaro Cathedral
      • Nelly's Garden
      • Old Capitol Building; Kilometer Zero
      • Molo Mansion
      • Molo Plaza
      • Downtown Area
  • Walk along their Esplanade
    • If Manila has their infamous boardwalk, Iloilo has their own esplanade. Catch the sunset while leisurely walking. They also have a few food hubs around the area.
  • Savor the original La Paz batchoy
    • Locals recommend Netong's Original Special La Paz batchoy as their batchoys never disappoint.The original Netong's is located inside La Paz Public Market.
  • Taste Iloilo's newest eats
    • Other than sumptuous La Paz Batchoy, Iloilo has something else to offer. Try Lars Buko Batchoy. It's a fusion of the traditional batchoy and buko. It's an interesting twist on the classic batchoy.
Where to stay in Iloilo City

There are a lot of places that offer accommodation. They have everything that fits within your budget.

Some of the recommended places are:

GT Hotel Iloilo
Injap Tower Hotel
NorthView Inn

For more Iloilo Hotels, please check this link

After a quick tour in Iloilo, we went straight to Molo terminal paid Php 8 for a short Jeepney ride. Then, looked for a van that plies the Iloilo - Tibiao route. Van fare is Php 180. We left Molo terminal around 8 PM and reached the sleepy town of Tibiao, Antique at exactly midnight. Yes, at the freaking stroke of midnight. 

Find out what happened next: Antique Adventure

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