Is Payag sa Asinan Eco-tourism in Olango Island a yay or nay?

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More often than not, when we speak of Cebu, we reminisce our unforgettable experiences on this beautiful island. But aside from these unique adventures, what else does Cebu have to offer?

Cebu is composed of several islands and islets. And part of this big group is the Olango group of Islands. This comprises of Olango Island (mainland) and 6 islets namely: Caohagan, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Pangan-an, Camungi, and Sulpa.

Olango Island, situated off Mactan Island in Cebu is home to various marine species. This island also serves as a hub for migratory birds. 

How to Get to Olango Island?

From Cebu City
  • Ride a jeepney or taxi that would take you to SM City Cebu
  • Head straight to SM City Cebu's V-hire/ Van Terminal and look for the van that will take you to Mactan New Town. The fare is Php 35
  • Alternatively, take a van to Gaisano Mactan. The fare is Php 25. Then, ride a jeepney to Mactan New Town.
  • From Mactan New Town, walk towards the tricycle area. Inform the driver to take you to Angasil Port. The fare is Php 10
  • A passenger outrigger boat is available all day to take you to Olango Island for only Php 15.
Payag sa Asinan Eco - Tourism Park

We stayed in a modest camping site at Payag sa Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. The entrance fee is Php 15 per person. The contrast of colors of the tents and the lush greens of the bermuda made the area appealing. The bermuda also served as a perfect cushion for our tents.

Payag sa Asinan

We brought our own tents thinking that we'll pay a lesser fee. We only paid Php 100 per tent. It was a good deal until we realized that if we rented the campsite's tents, the fee will still be at a Php 100. So, even if we brought our own tents, we'll still be paying the same as those who just rented their already pitched tents. We were all perplexed and cleary, I just didn't see the logic. Anyway, scammed or not, we brushed it off and continued the fun times. 

Honestly, we didn't expect that the s̶c̶a̶m̶ ̶s̶i̶t̶e̶ campsite was full of mangroves. I'm not against mangroves. In fact, I sure do support mangrove - planting 100%. I was just expecting something else, maybe. I'm not sure how to describe the place. It's like a beach with a mangrove swamp.

Eco Park in Olango

Camp Site in Olango

Anyway, I appreciate the wife of the owner of the place. She was so accommodating and helpful. When we arrived, she offered us tables for our bags and chairs for our tired bodies. Since, we didn't bring any cooking set, the good lady offered to buy and cook our food. Food is inaccessible in the area. So, you either bring your own food or have someone buy it for you. Also, I think it's not advisable to use open fire because the area is mostly covered with grass and it could easily catch fire. Unless they'll have an area dedicated to cooking. 

After dinner, there were still several campers coming in. Tents sprouted like mushrooms. People started socializing. Giggles and laughs filled the area. It felt like a legit campsite. 

Unfortunately, fun was shut down by boisterous ignorant folks who rented a freaking karaoke machine and delivered their ear - shattering performance. It was a major let down. We complained to the owner but there's nothing much they can do. They couldn't just drive the loud folks away. We then felt that we should've stayed somewhere else. 

Lapu Lapu Cebu

Olango Island camp

  • Bring your own water for drinking. Bottled water is not readily available at the campsite.
  • Bring food that doesn't need cooking
  • Freshwater is sold by the bucket. 
  • Ready your power banks and portable lights. 
I know that the Lapu Lapu government is promoting the area for tourism. And I'm hoping that they can work on a set of rules that will protect the area and the campers. 

Will I ever go back and visit the place? Maybe not soon but I surely will visit again.

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Sunrise in Mactan island

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