Going to Camotes... Beware!!

11:11 AM

It was a rainy morning when we reached Danao port. We were reluctant of pursuing our unplanned Camotes trip. When we in the port, we settled down first and decided whether we should go or skip Camotes and instead, just go to San Remigio. After several minutes of discussing, checking weather reports, and observing the sea, we've finally reached a decision-- GO!

We then walked towards the mouth of the port in search for the right ticketing booth. We saw two booths. First, posted a ticket price: Php 100. I was in doubt if that is really the price. I asked a bystander, "Asa ang ticketing booth anang barko noy?" ("Where is the ticketing booth of that boat, sir?") The bystander replied, "diri ai, ali sunod nako" (It's here. Come follow me") So then I realized that the booth that has Php 100 sign was for the outrigger boat.

He directed me to another window. I then thanked him for the gesture. While we were lining up, I noticed that the bystander was still there. He was holding a piece of paper that looks like a ticket! He then whispered that he has a spare ticket and would like to sell it to us. I was confused and uncertain. I gave him a doubtful look. I guess he understood and with an assuring tone, he said, "ayaw kabalaka, ako-a mani. ganiha ko ni gipalit. di naman ko muadto, ako lang ibaligya nimo" (don't worry, this is mine. I bought this earlier. Since I'm no longer going, I'll just sell it to you") Still in doubt, he forcefully gave the ticket to my girlfriend. When it was our turn, we showed the ticket to the kind lady who was in charge of selling tickets. She said that it was a valid ticket but it was a ticket previously purchased by another person. She confiscated the ticket and recommended that we'll buy two new tickets (each for Php 180). She then asked another person inside their office to track down the person who was selling purchased tickets. I guess they are already aware of the present situation since they were not astonished and in fact, they know the person's name. 

Boat going to Camotes Island

Jomalia Shipping lines ticket price (as of May 28,2013)
Php 180

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