Explore Olango Island, Cebu for only 10 pesos per hour

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Are you sick and tired of the concrete jungle? Do you want to relax and see foliage of all types? Or bask in the sun with a good view of the sea? But, is your wallet hindering you from all these graces? If you're in Cebu, I got you fam!

A few minutes away from the resort island of Mactan, there is an underrated island that boasts both marine resources and diverse migratory birds. Luckily, you don't need to spend hours of travel. It would only take you 15 to 20 minutes to reach this destination.

How to Get to Olango Island?

From Cebu City
  • Ride a jeepney or taxi that would take you to SM City Cebu. 
  • Head straight to SM City Cebu's V-hire/ Van Terminal and look for the van that will take you to Mactan New Town. The fare is Php 35
  • Alternatively, take a van to Gaisano Mactan. The fare is Php 25. Then, ride a jeepney to Mactan New Town.
  • From Mactan New Town, walk towards the tricycle area. Inform the driver to take you to Angasil Port. The fare is Php 10
  • A passenger outrigger boat is available all day to take you to Olango Island for only Php 15.

Upon reaching Sta Rosa Port in Olango, there are a lot of tricyles that will take you to your destination. But since, we are only staying for a day. We will have to rent bicycles. 

Olango MyBike

You may opt for another bicycle rental shop. If not, you can go straight to Olango MyBike. Their bike shop is located in Sitio Tapon, Sta. Rosa, Olango Island. Simply inform the tricycle driver to bring you to Olango MyBike. The fare is Php 10 - 15 

Bike Rentals in Olango

Personally, I prefer to rent at Olango MyBike because their bikes look polished and new. Plus, all their units come in the same vibrant colors. 

The rental fee is just Php 10 per hour. You'll have to deposit a valid ID and a Php 10 payment for the first hour.

You may contact Olango Mybike through the following numbers:

(Smart) 0998.853.6294
(Sun) 0943.707.6555

(Globe) 0917.583.0449

Olango Itinerary

Now that you have your bikes ready, it's time to start the tour.

Tungasan Board Walk

Approximately, 2.7 kilometers away from Olango MyBike HQ. Tungasan Board Walk is perfect for picture taking. The long path makes every photo beautiful. Free entrance fee.

How far is Tungasan Boardwalk

Sagastrand Beach Resort

From Tungasan Board Walk, pedal your way to Sagastrand Beach Resort. A private resort. that offers day use for Php 250. See Reviews here

For discounted room rates, book here

Explore Olango Island, Cebu

Casa Blanca by the Sea

This is just a few meters away from Sagastrand. This another private resort. Entrance fee is Php 300. You decide whether you'll visit Sagastrand or Casa Blanca. See Reviews here.

San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

This is Olango's marine sanctuary. You'll have to pay 70 if you want to swim and another 100 for snorkeling mask rental. They provide free life jackets as well.

They also offer a variety of food choices.

Cheap Olango Tours

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Center

This may be the highlight of the trip. Best time to visit here is 2 hours before the scheduled high tide. Migratory birds usually visit the place from the months of September to April. 

Bird Sanctuary in Olango Island

Migratory Birds in Olango Island

Migratory Birds in Olango Island

What to do in Olango Island


Payag sa Asinan Eco-tourism Park


Payag Sa Asinan

This is approx. 3.7 kilometers away from Tungasan Board Walk and 3.9 kilometers away from Olango MyBike. This is a campsite covered with mostly bermuda grass. Php 15 entrance fee

After Payag sa Asinan, you'll have to travel back to Sta Rosa. This is quite far. So, ready your legs for an intense cardio.

BIking in Olango island

That's it! Cardio/ Adventure day. This is the real definition of working out while having fun. Enjoy!

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