Misspelled name on Cebu Pacific: What to do

8:49 AM

With all these low - cost airlines, we can't help but panic every time a cheap promotional airfare is announced. We rush to our PCs and fight our way into these airline websites. It can get frustrating at times.But as cliche as it may sound, good things definitely take time.

Finally, you got your Php 250 worth of domestic tickets. And now, you're feeling like Mario who beat the crap out of King Koopa and rescued the princess. It's more than satisfying; It's a case of monumental accomplishment.

Now, what will you feel if you realized that one of the names on the ticket is misspelled? Well, you can either whine all day and cry over spilt milk or you can easily call Cebu Pacific's hotline. Whatever suits you!

Wrong name on Cebu Pacific

Here are the steps to rectify the error:
  • Call Cebu Pacific on (02) 702 0888. Their friendly operators are always standing by to take your calls.
  • Inform the representative that you made an error on one of the passengers' name on one of your bookings.
  • Confirm your Booking Reference code, flight details, and names of the passengers.
  • After the routine security check, they will inform you to send scanned valid ID's (preferably government issued ones) to cebnamechange@cebupacificair.com
    • Subject: Name Correction/Booking Code/Flight date and time

Once done, wait for at least 24 hours before calling back to follow up. It's pretty simple and it's free. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air!

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  1. I hope this works out. Will be calling Cebu Pacific in their working hours tomorrow

  2. Very Helpful, Just got misspelled today! Hope this works tom. :)


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