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Dreaming of exploring Puerto Princesa, Palawan but having problems working out a budget? You tried searching online but Google is flooding you with all those expensive packages? Well, today is your lucky day!

I've been to Puerto Princesa last June 2015. And I had a great time without breaking my bank. 

There are 3 main attractions in Puerto Princesa.
  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
  • Honda bay Island Hopping
  • Puerto Princesa City tour
We availed a package deal  for the Subterranean River tour since it's far from our hotel. But for the remaining two, we surely did explore it ourselves.

Honda Bay Island Hopping tour
(packaged tour rate ranges from Php 1,000 - 1,400 per person)

How to do - it - yourself 

  • Hail a tricycle from your hotel to Honda bay. Fare is around Php 500 - 600* (good for 5-6 | roundtrip)
  • Inform the driver of your pick - up time. 4pm - 5pm perhaps?
  • The Island Hopping itinerary is composed of three islands. 
  • Pay Php 1,300 for a smaller boat which is good for 6 heads
  • Pay Php 1,500 for a bigger boat which is good for 6 heads
  • Choose three islands
  • We highly recommend to never miss out on Pandan Island
Other Fees

  • Environmental fee: Php 40 per head
  • Island entrance fee    
  • Cowrie Island entrance fee: Php 75 per head
  • Pambato Reef entrance fee:Php 50 per head
  • Luli Island entrance fee: Php 50 per head
  • Pandan Island entrance fee: Php 100 per head

  • Snork gear rental fee: Php 100 per gear

Don't forget to bring food and drinks!

City Tour
(packaged tour Php 600 per person)

How to do - it - yourself 

It's better if you hail a tricycle than commuting. Yes, you may opt to explore the city with those confusing jeepney routes. But, we'd rather not.

Tricycle: Php 600 good for 5 - 6 people

You can also explore some parts of the city by foot. 

Puerto Princesa Island hopping

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