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Thank God for low-cost airlines! Now, you don't have to break your bank for a travel budget. Just look out for promo fares and your good. We got a cheap ticket for CEB-MNL / MNL-CEB and we're just so excited that we realized that we only have a Sunday to spare.

But nothing is stopping us from enjoying. Here are some of the things we enjoyed.

Legaspi Sunday Market - We're from Cebu but we've been eyeing on this flea market since. We've been exploring the hashtags on Instagram and made a promise to ourselves that one day, we'll be there. 

I don't know if it's just me but there's a certain effect every time I see a flea market. It's just so alluring that I cannot simply resist it. It's probably due to the fact that you'll see a lot of random stuff (that you don't normally see in a mall) or maybe due to some really cheap finds? I don't know! All I know is I'm enjoying it. 

Star City - Have I mentioned that we don't have an amusement park as big as this in Cebu? That's why this was the best part of our trip. Normally, you get to pay Php 420 for a Ride-All-You-Can pass but thanks to Metrodeal we got ours at Php 280

SM MOA by the Bay Amusement Park - I know! we just can't get enough of these awesome rides. This park stands out due to the fact that it's by the bay so you literally get sea breeze on your face - which is refreshing! And oh, this amusement park also has a tall Ferris wheel which boasts a breath-taking view. 

Minor Basilica of The Black Nazarene - Commonly known as, Quiapo Church. This church is famous for having the largest procession in the Philippines. Every 9th of January, devotees will gather with the hopes of touching the holy image of The Black Nazarene. It is believed that touching the image will bring miracles to the life of the devotee. 

MRT/LRT ride - Call me whatever you want but this one is getting on my list. This is a common mass transport in Luzon. Yes, only in Luzon! we don't have trains in Cebu, yet.

Also, we went to a couple of malls for refreshments. 

Star City Manila

Cebu Pacific Air

*photos were taken by Raevin Pelayo

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