How to survive Boracay on a budget

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Yes, everything in Boracay comes with a price - waayyyy higher price. But if you're part of Forbes' richest. This post is not for you. 

We all love to travel. But it's not that easy to show up in an airport and choose a random destination (how I wish I can do that). We have to carefully lay out a plan and that includes a travel budget.

Boracay - one of the most visited beach in the Philippines. With its clear waters, powdery sand, various food hubs, and fun-filled activities, you'll easily break your bank in a matter of hours.

Luckily, I've found a few ways to survive without draining my funds.

1.) Book an accommodation ahead of time - This way, you'll have the luxury to choose the best accommodation that is easy on the wallet. There are heaps of inns that offer an air-conditioned room for as low as Php 900 a night.

When I was there, We booked with Tan's Guest House located in station 2. They have great rooms! Most rooms come with a fridge. And, it is literally 30 seconds away from the beach. Price starts at Php 1000.

For other discounted Boracay accommodations, click this link

2.) When exploring the island, be on the lookout for cheap eats - Boracay is packed with different food places. And watch out for fancy looking restos because you'll definitely shell out more notes for a pasta meal. 

Take advantage of local promotions. For instance, Tilapia 'n Chips' local treat - fish fillet paired with rice plus a glass of iced tea for only Php 99. Or you can also have your obligatory meal with Andok's. Gobble up their fried chicken and/or breaded pork chop. And thou shall not forget Mang Inasal! They'll be your life saver when the ultimate hunger kicks in. For under Php 150, you can enjoy their unlimited rice. 

And of course, how can we forget the all-time favourite turo turo / carenderia for only Php 40 per viand.

3.) Do not spend all your money on expensive concoctions/cocktails - Walk a few minutes to Budget Mart. Buy your favourite bottle and enjoy whilst viewing the sunset. But, if there's really an urge to buy that expensive booze to experience the ambience of the bar, go ahead! 

Also, most drinking hubs offer a happy hour that will satisfy your inner alcoholic self on a budget.

4.) Do not rush in paying Boracay water activities - you'll never know if the next person you'll bump into would offer a lower price. Be patient and learn to haggle. For sure, you'll get a better price.

5.) Plan your activities - yes, this is the ultimate money-saving technique. Have a budget and stick to it!

For cheap and discounted Boracay deals, check out this link

Well, that's an easy list! Good luck on your next Boracay Adventure!

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