Aguinid Falls: A Mini Upstream Canyoning Experience

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Cebu, particularly the south, is relatively known for Canyoneering / Canyoning. Tourists swarm the area like Metallica is playing a 2 - hour special in Kawasan Falls.

Anyway, if you're too much of a chicken for canyoneering or just wants to try another exciting activity that involves water, Aguinid Falls will complete your Cebu getaway.

Samboan is 150 kilometers away from Cebu City. If you're taking a bus to get there, Aguinid Falls is conveniently located near the Highway. You won't get lost as they have conspicuously placed a liquor - sponsored signage on the entrance. So, if you'll fail to notice the bold "This way to Aguinid Falls" phrase, I'm pretty sure you won't miss the beer advert. 

Waterfalls in Cebu

Falls in Cebu Philippines

How to Get to Aguinid Falls

Via Car
Drive approximately 150 kilometers from the city to Samboan via the Santander - Barili -Toledo road. It's the road on the right when you reach the Carcar rotunda.

Via Bus
From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus that plies the Cebu - Samboan Route. Inform the driver to drop you off the corner of Aguinid Falls.

Upon reaching Aguinid Falls, go straight to the registration table. You'll need to pay a minimal registration fee and they'll assign you a tour guide.

Foreigners: Php 60 per person
Local: Php 40 per person

It's your duty to give a decent amount to the guide for his services. Mind you, they don't get any salary for being a guide. They usually assign two guides per group during off - peak seasons and 1 during high peak seasons. 

Also, if you plan on bringing your Lamborghini Aventador, Aguinid Falls has ample parking space priced at Php 20. 

Falls in Cebu City

Waterfalls in Samboan

Aguinid Falls has this multi - tiered waterfall system that allows you to hike, climb, scramble, and even jump into the bluish water. The LGU of Samboan has only promoted levels 0 - 5 to the public. Fortunately, only if you're willing, the guides may take you as high as level 8!

Levels 0 - 5 are for beginners. They might be categorized as easy to trek and climb but the beauty is still stunning.

Things to do in Moalboal

What to do in Cebu

After level 5, you may inform your guide that you are ready to conquer the remaining advance levels. This time, you'll need to pay extra for your guides as the trail is not easy. We gave our guide Php 300 for the first five levels and an extra Php 300 for levels 6 - 8. But it really depends on your generosity. We gave him extra as he is really good and proactive in taking shots. 

Before deciding to climb the advance levels, be sure that you can endure climbing without safety gears or even ropes.   

Cebu waterfalls

Canyoneering in Cebu

What to Bring
  • Cash
  • Extra dry clothes
  • Non - slippery shoes/ sandals
  • Waterproof bags
  • Action Camera or anything that would document your adventure.
Aguinid Falls consumed a good two hours of our day and should really be on your bucket list for Cebu.

Canyoneering south cebu

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